Nature Based Learning


We are a fully licensed child care centre that uses natural areas as a regular source of the children’s activities.

We go outside every day, rain or shine as part of our preschool and daycare programs.  Our preschool programs are outside each morning in one or more of our outdoor areas, and our daycare children go outside in the morning and again in the afternoon.

Our outdoor areas usually include water play and our playgrounds are well treed, and have a variety of plants as well as different ground cover.

We often have an art activity under the gazebo, and in relatively good weather have our snack outside as well.

Our playgrounds offer a more naturalistic design than a traditional child care play area.  While we do have a small climbing structure, as well as a boat and a teeter-totter in one of our play yards, we also have another yard with no equipment at all (just trees!) and we find children play creatively and with great zeal in this space as well.

We have a large sand pit, and not just allow, but encourage the transfer of sand and dirt to other areas of the yard where it can be used as part of a cooking activity in our outdoor play kitchen, or as part of a toy truck driver’s load of sand delivered elsewhere.   Water play is also a frequent component of our outdoor activities.  Children construct dams and waterfalls, direct the water flow down our hill and sometimes use piping and a variety of materials to watch how things work.   We also have a conventional water table outside where dinosaurs and all manner of creatures and vessels get to float and play.

We ask parents to understand that being outdoors is an integral part of our program.  We rarely stay indoors all day, even in the rainiest of BC days.  Good outdoor clothing including rain gear is a must.  Boots, muddy buddies or splash pants and a change of clothes are essential.

There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes for the weather!

Our indoor areas are also nature based as much as possible.  We include stories, songs, construction play, fine motor activities, dramatic play, and lots of art in our program.  We hope that your child will learn and grow in our nature and play based program.