Mission Statement

To provide a safe, caring, supportive and educational environment that enhances the lives of all children and their families and serves a vital community need. We believe that children thrive when given abundant opportunities to play in a creative, supportive environment. Our mission is create a welcoming and inclusive environment that supports the diverse needs of children and families in our community.



We value and respect children as unique individuals. We see children as capable and full of potential. This image of the child allows us to recognize the diverse ways that children express to create what is meaningful for them in their learning. Each child comes to our centre with his or her unique temperament, family structure, cultural heritage, language and learning ability.

We work alongside children to provide opportunities that will foster positive social, emotional, cognitive and physical development in a safe, responsive, healthy and loving environment. We believe that children benefit from play and discovery in both indoor and outdoor environments in many kinds of weather. Explorations and time to linger outside strengthens our connections with nature. Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach in a Canadian West Coast context and guided by BC’s Early Learning Framework, we value reflective educational practices and engagement with the multiple modes of arts expression such as painting, drawing, sculpture, music, story, and movement. 

We value and respect each family’s dignity and culture, their need for quality childcare and their rights to be involved in the childcare experience. We value and respect each staff’s need for a working environment that recognizes and respects their training, skills and commitment to childcare.  This is demonstrated through respectful communications and personnel policies.