Policy for Active Play

Arcadian Early Learning recognizes the importance of physical activity for young children. Implementation of appropriate physical activity practices supports the health and development of children in care, as well as assisting in establishing positive lifestyle habits.
The Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines recommend that:

  • Infants (less than 1 year) are physically active several times daily-particularly through interactive floor-based play.

Arcadian’s infant/toddler program promotes gross motor play by providing age appropriate large motor activities that supports health and development. The following are examples of activities, our Educators promote in day to day activities.

  • Provide infants/toddlers with designated area for safe outdoor play for at least 60-200 minutes per day.
  • Twice daily circle times, encouraging movement with music and movement activities.
  • Encourage large gross motor activity through performance of daily tasks.

Arcadian’s 3-5 programs Promotes Child –initiated active play through exploration of the environment, equipment and games. Our Educators involve children in the planning and implementing of physical activities. We encourage children to explore and test limits that will support them in building confidence and expansion of their social skills. A few examples the centre utilizes are:

  • Provide 300-400 minutes day to outdoor activities. Running, large motor games, climbing throwing, jumping, lifting, pulling, pushing, sweeping, digging, and raking etc.
  • Provide opportunity for indoor active play through circle time activities which includes; interactive stories, music, games, yoga, etc.
  • Promote active play through all daily activities e.g.; Large giant steps when walking, mixing, stirring kneading, while cooking.